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Bellkovo house and meadowPuplovo house in the morningLakeSliver birchmorning sun though cabin windowboard walk though treesSpiders web in grassLand rover in snowLaetitia Becker with wolf pupsRussian dirt road over hillsBubonitsy lake aka the bathsleeping wolf pupTracks in snow on frozen lakewinter scene of housewinter landscapeAnnaguest house in summer with flowersland rover on summer road3 window 3 volunteers 3 paintbrushesproton car loaded with wood and a french girlVlad and meDurimar the tame wolfValentin and Svetlana PazhetnovSergey Pezhetnovfrying fishPeople painting the wolf centreParty timeVasily on snow bikeHouse in Belkovothe power of chocolate cakeSteppa in front of art workclose up of tulip flower









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